The Last Liberty

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This film began as a simple story of voluteers coming together to restore an historic ship. However, as the production evolved, it became apparent that a bigger story was unfolding, in the 1980's. The Russian navy/merchant marine was attacking American shipping, by shipping cargo below American merchant ship operating costs. Thereby, causing the United States Merchant Marine Shipping to reduce in size.

Thirty years later, the Russian attack on the U.S. is still unfolding, they are just using different tactics. In fact, today, Russia is building submarines, almost as fast as America built Liberty Ships. Why?

This film places the Jones Act, in an historical context and explains why the Jones Act has been enforce for a century....and needs to remain in force, for good reason.

However, 75 years ago, it was a different story, ....... and that is what makes this story prophetic.